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I just listened to a podcast today on eating disorders, and how this particular 'doctor' encourages her patients to go paleo, then low-carb paleo and eventually gets them into 'ketosis'.

excuse my language, but

She was speaking about how 'ketosis is a miracle' and she ran her first MARATHON in ketosis!
This freaks me out!! I this really possible? Can only some people do it? Will she eventually crash and burn? And why is she running marathons? I secretly think all marathon runners are a little sick in the head somehow.
And when I used to follow the paleo forums, how one doctor (Dr Cate Shanahan) recommends keeping her carbs very low, from like 30-50 a day...have you seen her pictures? she has like NO HAIR.
When are these 'healthy' people going to stop putting these messages out!!?! When I was weaker, in my ED, I would have eaten this shit up with a spoon, thinking I wasn't doing it right, or not good enough if I felt weak, or nauseated, or fatigued.
This can't be healthy, right?!
Or can some people really do it??

disclaimer: usually I am not so hotheaded and accusatory, but this tripe REALLY got me going...

December 4, 2012 | Registered Commentercamilaf

Yeah some people can do it. Does that make it healthy though? Absolutely not. Is it fun? I highly doubt it. Everyone can survive on a shitty diet for some time. Maybe it'll even make them feel 'good' for a while. I remember feeling invincible at times when I was still very much restricting. But it's just so wrong. I was on such a high horse but the reality is, said horse almost trampled me to death.

Anyways, all that paleo, low carb and clean eating shit gets on my nerves. There's a reason our ancestors died at like age 20, guys. All those health nuts are on their path to misery. They make me want to rip my hait out, I can't even.... urgggghhhhhh

December 5, 2012 | Registered Commentercourtesy

Some people feel great initially (even for several years) in ketosis. Very low calorie diets also induce a mild form of ketosis. Eventually, many of them may run into quite serious health problems. As far as I know, the Atkins diet uses ketosis as a means to weight loss (the body switches from carb burning to fat burning). How long and how well a person can function in ketosis for extended periods of time will of course vary per individual. Some may be able to function well for a lifetime, though I would bet that is a small minority. I have never eaten truly low-carb, but I have wondered about it. There very well may be a health advantage for some people (apparently ketogenic diets are used in patients with epilepsy, and it is often used for people with diabetes, PCOS, or insulin resistance). However, obviously, focusing on dietary restrictions is a terrible idea for someone recovering from an ED. Inducing ketosis in people who are recovering from starvation just innately sounds like a very bad idea... ketogenic diets induce the same environment as starvation. I have no research to back it up, but doesn't that just sound like a bad idea? People have run marathons on very low calorie diets (or vegan, raw, etc), and felt great! They have so much energy (i.e. enormous amounts of adrenaline produced in response to undernutrition/starvation), but really, they're practically dying.

Everyone does better with different diets. Some prefer higher-protein, carbohydrate or fat. But, when you're recovering from ED, you just need to eat and follow cravings. Physically and mentally unrestrained eating seems like the most logical response to overcoming starvation and fear of foods. How can you overcome fear when you continue to demonize a certain macronutrient?

Just a guess, but the doctor recommended this to ED patients is probably (or definitely) a restrictive eater (on the REDS).

December 5, 2012 | Registered Commenteranonymous789

Yeah, your title is like an oxymoron. No better than the blind leading the blind. I kind of had to power walk through your post because it reminded me of all the orthorexic nonsense I used to think was positive. For shame.

Last night, I was going through some of Gywn's posts and came upon this article. She referenced a really good quote when she wrote:

But it is completely valid, as Harriet Brown describes as her direct experience in her book Brave Girl Eating, to quietly walk out of the office of a dietician (or therapist, or doctor, or nurse or…) where you see that there is a bit of vomit stuck to her hair.

In other words, do not take the advice of anyone who is in denial about his or her own anxieties and issues regarding the biological necessity of eating without restriction, as we are designed to do.


I absolutely love this quote.

December 5, 2012 | Registered Commentershaylx

thank you so much for some kind words and responses. i feel guilty pointing the finger and saying 'um, that sounds abnormal to me' but really, it does sound so restricted. I wonder if there is a fine line between being in denial and having a valid reason for xyz diet...

December 5, 2012 | Registered Commentercamilaf