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Bingeing is Not Bingeing

Bingeing is another topic that generates tremendous anxiety and questions for those recovering from the restriction eating disorder spectrum.

Experts have gone down some unfortunate rabbit holes using the psychological definitions and suggested treatments for eating disorders. It has resulted in encouraging patients to expend energy on suppressing the very things that would ensure their complete recovery.

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Weight recovered and still bingeing – Updated

A good portion of this question is also answered in Why bingeing is not bingeing…, but I’ll address some of the specifics a bit more in this entry. We begin by eliminating the most obvious and work our way to the least obvious when we face the above circumstance: First, has the definition of “weight recovered” been determined by experts who have helped you through your recovery process? If so, then it is highly likely that while you may have reached the healthy BMI range (18.5-25) you are still not at your body’s optimal weight.

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