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Is it too late for me to recover from restricted eating behaviors? (ages 26-52)

As many of you already know, it is as if you become invisible after age 25 when it comes to sourcing information about how to recover from the restriction eating disorder spectrum (REDS): anorexia nervosa, bulima nervosa, restict/reactive eating cycles, orthorexia and anorexia athletica. You may have been sub-clinically starving for years now, or you have cycled in and out of clinical bouts of starvation, or you may have shifted from starving to cycles of starving and reactively eating, or now you restrict through excessive exercise (as examples).

This post addresses the following demographic of those on the REDS: over the age of 25 but still pre-menopausal (roughly ages 26-52). The data you will find in this post are generally applicable to males in this age bracket as well, except for the marker of menopause obviously. There is another post to address those age 52 onwards (post-menopausal) because the REDS is never an irreversible condition no matter your age.

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